Video - Laura Contreras



Octobre 2018

Sangria Wine Challenge

June 2018

Choreography by Kevin Cruden

May 2018

Concept & choreo by Laura Contreras/ Video by Mijntje Lupgens

May 2018

Choreography by Kishan Indallal

October 2017

Charity Workshops; Choreography by Mijntje Lupgens

August 2017

The Galen Hooks Method

July 2017

Boulogne-sur-mer Trio

June 2017

Holland’s Got Talent Finale

May 2017

DECATHLON Commercial

March 2015

Concept, video and edit by Laura Contreras

June 2013

Choreography by Anne Suurendonk

May 2013

Choreography by Anne Suurendonk

May 2012
Choreography: Laura Contreras & Hani Andary